noctis x 23 x he/him x more

hobby artist who hates drawing
ask me about paypal/kofi commission on my tumblr/toyhouse/insta - all linked below

i use csp pro and a shitty tablet i got off of wishyou may use my art non-commercially with credit but please don't repost or edit my art
i quit art in my early teens and haven't drawn much/consistently until late 2019 please be kind with your judgment

trans male // bi // nd
uh idk what else to put here aha

i have adhd so i hyperfixate on media and only draw that most of the time (coughsplatooncough) or my sonas, sorry in advance

i'm also not as intimidating as i seem i promise
feel free to shoot me a message about my current fixation i would love to talk/hear about it ;w;

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