noctis x 22 x he/him x more

hobby artist who hates drawing
ask me about paypal/cashapp commission on my tumblr/toyhouse/insta - all linked below

i use csp pro and a shitty tablet i got off of wishi might draw your (not oc) splatoon request so don't be afraid to send some in on tumblr !you may use my art with credit but please don't repost or edit my artas long as it's not a sona/commission or has a banner saying "don't tag as kin" feel free to tag it as kin ! and yes i notice when you use a kin tag that doesn't say kin. please just respect my wishes

trans boy // bi // nd
and a k*nnie
uh idk what else to put here aha

i have adhd so i hyperfixate on media and only draw that most of the time (coughsplatooncough) sorry in advance

i'm also not as intimidating as i seem i promise
feel free to shoot me a message about my current fixation i would love to talk/hear about it ;w;

maybe i'll put an faq here once it's/if it becomes relevant :9

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